Redefine Evaluation

Change faster, make informed decisions and accomplish greater goals.


People First

For monitoring and evaluation to be a successful ongoing business process, it must bring together technology and people.  Our people-first approach encourages collaboration by sharing skills and building organizational insight.  By automating routine and manual tasks, your staff will receive the real-time information they need to make informed decisions and improve program design, communication, and relationships.

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ForGood helps organizations make data-driven decisions.



Program Design, Analysis, and Implementation

Our talented team consults on your current program design helping you to define and quantify success, implement successful evaluation, and ask the right questions to determine effectiveness.  ForGood evaluates the expanded impact of your programs through expert analysis and interpretation of survey results.



All of the cloud-based applications you would expect

Intuitive and highly configurable, the ForGood mobile platform includes access to in-depth questionnaires developed to track and measure a variety of indicators based on international development standards. Program staff are trained, equipped, and empowered to get accurate and timely responses, giving you the best data possible.

We did not build just another mobile survey tool; we built an entire platform to better support your organization and to help your staff manage their workflow, ultimately connecting them to the evaluation process.



Informative, efficient, and scalable reporting

Stop wasting staff time with data entry and reporting. With ForGood data aggregation, analysis, and reporting are all taken care of: by automating more routine and manual tasks, your staff is free to focus on the interpersonal jobs that improve programs, communication, and relationships.

Additionally, you have access to real-time updates from the field as surveys are completed. Headquarters will have a clear view into the progress being made and will be able to easily compare impact across projects, programs, and communities.



Increase long-term engagement

More and more donors are looking for evidence of significant and lasting impact from their donations. Now you can show them. Donors feel more involved and invested in the projects you are working on when they see the real impact their support has on people's lives. The more engaged and excited your donors are about your work, the more likely they will be to continue supporting your projects.

“From a donor’s perspective, it is better to choose organizations that are evaluating their impact and have evidence that their intervention works.”
~Kim Starkey Jonker, Author

ForGood's platform makes sure the right people are asking the right questions at the right time. 

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Ultimately, our tools help organizations create more effective programs so they can focus on generating the most impact in the communities they serve.